Entrepreneur. Blatant Optimist.

Startup Consultant. Multifaceted Project Manager.

Who Is Kiah?

There isn’t an aspect of entrepreneurship that Kiah Hochstetler doesn’t wholeheartedly embrace. He’s a visionary who has founded several IT companies focused on serving a variety of industries and clients, from business development to marketing. Kiah has a special penchant for shepherding other up-and-coming startup professionals into corridors of success and fulfillment. Many individuals and companies turn to Kiah for top-level business guidance and inspiration, and advice on how best to form, operate, and market their professional visions.

Kiah has a brilliant mind for keeping even the most complex project management tasks on budget and on time. He is intimately familiar with a myriad of tools and services for products of all sizes and scope, and has an innate ability to multitask and stay cool under pressure,

Through professional experience at companies like Majik Arabians, Kiah has gained extensive abilities in all aspects of marketing. He has assisted clients through the challenges in sales, partnerships, downsizing, and all facets of internal management. Kiah is a truly heart-spaced and intelligent leader that inspires and fosters greatness from everyone he works with.

Possessing a unique blend of engineering abilities and unparalleled creativity, Kiah has enjoyed success as a hardware developer as well. He is sincerely passionate about all aspects of hardware and software technologies, and has used this expertise at companies like ADR to research and implement new and existing hardware infrastructure to propel companies to higher states of success and market reach.

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, executive leadership, executive management, startup management, business development, marketing, branding, leadership development, hardware engineering

Products That Make My Life Easy

Here are a few products I love and make my life easy


  • 13″ Macbook Air
  • iPhone 5
  • OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 waterproof case
  • Canon G10
  • Evernote Notebook(Searchable digital junk drawer for pictures, web clips, notes, etc…)
  • Evernote Hello(for meeting & remembering people)
  • Evernote Skitch(for sharing screenshots)
  • Google Apps for Business
  • WordPress (currently running this site)
  • f.lux (changes color for my screen throughout the day and saves my eyes)
  • Stitcher Radio app
  • Audible (for book consumption on the go)
  • Twitter (to keep up to date on the current development of startups and connect with people outside of my geographic network)
  • Timbuk2 Command Bag (this holds all my crap I need when I’m traveling and running around town)

Contact Me

Hello and thanks for taking the time to reach out to me, below are the many ways you can reach me.

Let me know if you need help with Lean Startup/Business  Development.  I made myself available for 30-minute slots on SoHelpful to help entrepreneurs like you over Skype or Hangout.  Just book any open time here.  If these times don’t work for you I’ll try to work around your schedule.

Have a great day!

Kiah Hochstetler

twitter: @lifelikestartup
Email: talk@lifelikestartup.com
097.910.7149 Ecuador Cell
406.203.0104 US Cell